Police Officer Skips The Ticket, Buys Young Mom Car Seat For Her Kid Instead

| by Jonathan Wolfe

A Michigan police officer’s kind deed for a young mother is attracting lots of praise, and for good reason.

Emmett Township, Michigan Public Safety Officer Ben Hall pulled over mother Lexi DeLorenzo for a traffic violation over the weekend. When he saw DeLorenzo’s young daughter sitting in the car without a car seat, he skipped the ticket and told the woman to follow him to Walmart instead.

At Walmart, Hall treated DeLorenzo to a brand new car seat for her daughter. DeLorenzo was overwhelmed with gratitude and explained to the officer that she couldn’t afford a seat herself due to her limited income.

She posted the following status on Facebook thanking Officer Hall for the kind act:

Kudos: The courteous officer received kudos from both DeLorenzo and his colleagues on the Emmett Township Department of Public Safety Facebook page

The Emmett Township Department of Public Safety gave Hall a well deserved pat on the back as well:

Shares: This post by the Department has had more than 400 shares and nearly 3,000 'likes'

Sources: Fox 17, MailOnline