Police Capture Suspects by Pretending to be Dogs

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When all else fails for police in Connecticut trying to catch suspects, they pretend to be dogs. 

Police were on the hunt for Kwame Wells-Jordan and Norman Boone after they stole a car. They chased the pair for a few hours, but decided to call the hunt off after they became concerned over public safety.

Later, they were called to intervene in a burglary occurring in New Haven. The two men were the same ones who stole the car, but were wearing masks. 

Wells-Jordan and Boone broke into the first floor of a three-floor building when the occupant wasn't home. 

Authorities told the woman on the third floor to stay inside and lock her doors. 

While the owner of the place being robbed was not home at the time of the incident, they called him and told him to meet them at the residence. 

Soon, a dozen police officers were at the scene. They were having difficulty convincing the suspects to come out, and so told them that a canine unit was coming.

The only problem was, they did not have any canine units available. 

So they did the next best thing: they barked like dogs. 

"They were trained. These cops were trained to do stuff like that," a witness said. "I guess that was the best technique to do what they needed to do to get people out."

It worked, and the suspects quickly fled the house and were arrested.

The witness said that the incident frightened many people, including the person who lived in the floor that was robbed. He said the owner was afraid to enter his home.

Wells-Jordan, 20, and Boone, 23, have a history of legal troubles. They are being charged with burglary and theft of a motor vehicle, but police say they could face other charges as well.

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