Police Are Hunting Julio Acevedo For Tragic Brooklyn Hit-And-Run

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Police have identified Julio Acevedo as the hit-and-run driver who killed Nachman Glauber and his seven-months-pregnant wife, Raizel, early on Sunday morning.

The couple died when a 2010 BMW slammed into the cab that they were riding in. The baby was able to be delivered, but died on Monday. It is believed that Acevedo had allegedly been going 60-plus mph, more than double the speed limit.

Acevedo has already served time for fatally shooting Brooklyn thug, Kelvin Martin. Martin is the inspiration for rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s name, reports the NY Post.

A witness who helped Acevedo out of his ruined car has identified him.

Williamsburg photographer Shimon Gifter said he saw Acevedo return to the scene. He also took his picture. The police looked at the photo and confirmed it was him.

“It was absolutely freezing, and this guy was wearing a sweater, smoking a cigarette. He looked very nervous,” Gifter said. “He just looked at the crash and went back the same way he came, up Kent Avenue. He just disappeared.”

Police went to the Brooklyn building where Acevedo shares an apartment with his girlfriend, two children and two dogs. They were unable to locate him. Neighbors said they hadn’t seen Acevedo since Saturday.

Orthodox leaders are calling for Acevedo to be charged in the three deaths.

“The best thing for this coward is to charge him with triple homicide — and we are going to demand that,” said community leader Isaac Abraham.

Source: (NY Post)