Man Tweets About Flight With Only One Other Person

| by Dominic Kelly

After waiting for a delayed flight from Cleveland to New York, two passengers wound up being the only ones on the plane.

Reports say that Chris O’Leary of New York posted pictures of himself on Twitter inside the Delta flight after boarding the plane and realizing that he was the only one on the flight. O’Leary reportedly arrived at the airport late after his plane was delayed, but by the time he got there, everyone else originally scheduled for the flight had rebooked. By the time the delayed flight was ready to take off, O’Leary was literally the only one left.

“Part of this is my own stupidity but it ended up working out in my favor,” O’Leary said.

After tweeting about his empty flight, O’Leary was disappointed when another passenger boarded the flight just as they were getting ready to take off.

“He took advantage of the fact the flight was empty and reclined his seat all the way (and slept),” O’Leary said of the other passenger.

All in all, O’Leary said that it was a successful and relaxing flight back home to New York from Ohio.

“It was definitely the most memorable flight I've been on in recent memory if only for the sheer lack of passengers to become bothersome," O'Leary said to ABC News. "There were no screaming babies, no one listening to loud lyrics or reclining their seats or taking their shoes."

Sources: ABC News, Huffington Post / Photo Source: Chris O’Leary’s Twitter