Photographer Tracks Down Mystery Couple Captured As They Got Engaged

| by Dominic Kelly

A photographer in California unknowingly captured a couple’s engagement on camera while snapping a picture of a beautiful rainbow, and now, after turning to social media for help, the couple has been tracked down.

Dan McGeorge was snapping pictures at the Hotel Del Coronado near San Diego at the end of January when he witnessed a beautiful rainbow. Upon further examination of the photo, however, McGeorge realized that he didn’t just get a shot of the rainbow.

“When I was working on the photo and I zoomed in to take a close look, I saw them. And what a magical moment,” McGeorge told Fox News. “This is something that I think someone would treasure ... I wanted to get a hold of them and give them a print as a gift, because it's something really special.”

With no clue how to find the couple, McGeorge took to his Facebook page to ask for help, and quickly, people from all over began searching.

Finally, a brother of the man in the photo heard about the search and contacted him, and soon it was revealed that the mystery couple was Robert Treml and Meghan Peart.

“He said, 'We just saw a link and there's a photographer who captured the exact moment of your proposal and your engagement in San Diego. And he's looking for you guys.' At first, I didn't know what to think,” Treml said.

The couple says they are thrilled that the photo was taken and plan to put it in their new house.

“We were just so excited that Dan was able to capture that beautiful moment," Peart said. "We're definitely going to find a good spot for it in our new home."

Sources: Fox News Insider, Fox 5 San Diego / Photo Source: Fox News Insider, Dan McGeorge Gallery Facebook Page