Photographer Learns That Squirrels Really Don't Like Selfies (PHOTOS)

| by Khier Casino

A photographer found out the hard way that squirrels aren't so fond of selfies.

The unidentified photographer ended up being attacked by a squirrel after posing for a selfie next to one of the woodland critters.

Reddit user supplenupple posted photos of the encounter to the social news site, showing him smiling with the squirrel, then running away with the bushy-tailed animal hanging on to his back.

The photographer told BuzzFeed he was walking in Tampa, Fla., with his mother when he saw the squirrel and decided to go in for the photo. He said that he was surprised at how friendly the furry animal was.

“I approached it making a clicking noise with my tongue; phone drawn,” he said. “When I got close enough, the squirrel actually tried grabbing my phone. I shook it off, then snapped this photo.”

But the happy moment was brief.

“Next thing I knew, the squirrel was on my shoulder, then under my shirt, and then hanging off my back!” he said. “This photo is courtesy of my mom, who collapsed laughing shortly after.”

He titled his Reddit post “Went in for the selfie, got a rabies shot,” but supplenupple told BuzzFeed no rabies shot was needed.

The squirrel could not be reached for comment.