Phoenix Security Guard Threatens, Damages Man’s Camera (Video)

| by Michael Allen

A security guard in Phoenix, Arizona, recently threatened to break a man's video camera.

The guard, who reportedly works for Trident Security, told a camera crew from MaxTechMedia to stop filming because they were allegedly on private property that was run by a management company, noted (video below).

"Sir, don't make me break this camera, sir, " said the security guard. "I'm asking you politely to move."

The security guard then tells the cameraman that he must go across the street.

"You want me to break that camera, man?" the security guard asks as he follows the camera crew. "You want me to break that camera?"

At that point it appears the security guard reaches out and hits the camera.

"I will break that camera, trust me, I will break it," adds the security guard who continues to follow the camera crew.

On the other side of the street, the security guard speaks into his radio, "Can you get somebody over here before I do something stupid?"

He then appears to reach out and hit the camera again.

Later in the video, a different building security supervisor tells the cameraman that he can't stand on the public sidewalk and film the building because that allegedly violates private property laws.

The supervisor calls the Phoenix Police, who arrive and tell the camera crew that the man is worried about terrorism, but an officer adds that the camera crew is not breaking the law.

MaxTechMedia wrote on its YouTube page, "This is how Security Guards roll in Downtown Phoenix. Unfortunately the Trident Security Guard damaged our microphone, knocking out the right channel. Some software editing is a quick fix, but we will have to replace it! COST OF BUSINESS!"

Sources:, YouTube
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot