Chris Knafelc Helps Man Who Fell Onto SEPTA Subway Tracks In Philadelphia (Video)

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Chris Knafelc is being called a hero for helping a man who fell onto some SEPTA subway tracks at the Cecil B Moore subway station in Philadelphia. The man fell onto the tracks just inches from the third rail, which, if touched, will electrocute a person.

Knafelc, 32, jumped down onto the tracks and stayed with the fallen man until firefighters arrived and moved the victim off the track. "I was like 99.9 percent positive that I wouldn't get electrocuted." said Knaflec. "I can't see [the tracks] being able to electrocute you because too many people would get hurt."

"I just wanted to stabilize his neck because he kept trying to move," Knafelc said.

Subway trains run every seven minutes, so Knafelc knew that time was of the essence. He shouted to nearby passengers to tell SEPTA personnel to shut down the southbound lines but also had a backup plan just in case, reports ABC Local.

"I had a plan if a train came: I was going to roll him underneath, or, if I couldn't, I was going to ask someone to jump down and help me roll him," Knafelc said.

The rescued man was taken to Temple University Hospital, where he is now in stable condition.

"There are bad scenarios that could have happened here and didn't happen because a person that was unknown to our victim jumped into the track and saved his life," SEPTA Police Chief Thomas Nestel said.

The hero credits his actions to how he was raised. "There have been people there for me when I needed somebody, and these people I can't pay back, so the next best thing would be to pay it forward," Knafelc said.

A video about the rescue is below:

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