Connecticut Police Apologize For Trump Sticker (Photo)

| by Brendan Kelly

Hartford, Connecticut, police have issued an apology after a photo circulating on social media showed a Donald Trump sticker on a laptop mounted in a police vehicle.

A Hartford resident shared the photo online, and it shows a parked Hartford police cruiser with the sticker visible through the windshield. The photo received hundreds of negative comments after it was posted on social media on March 12, according to the Hartford Courant.

On March 13, Deputy Chief Brian J. Foley of the Hartford Police Department (HPD) released a statement saying the application of the sticker, which read “Trump: Make America Great Again,” on a HPD laptop was “irresponsible," the Associated Press reports.

The sticker has since been removed from the laptop and the police department plans to conduct an internal investigation of the incident.

Foley said the officer who placed the sticker on the laptop has since been “counseled on the critical importance of remaining neutral and impartial."

“I am, and we are, embarrassed and sorry for this lack of professionalism and judgment,” Foley added, according to the Courant.

Sources: Hartford CourantAP via WFSB / Photo Credit: Hartford Police via Hartford Courant, Facebook via AP

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