Photo Of A Little Girl And Her Doll Is Going Viral (Photo)

| by Sean Kelly

A little girl's simple doll became a symbol for love and unity, and her father's Facebook post about it quickly went viral.

Tyler Ver Vynck took to Facebook to share the story of his daughter's doll, which she carries with her almost everywhere she goes. Here is his full post:

If you have seen my Daughter out, more than likely you have seen her with this doll. 6 months later this is still her "go to" doll when we leave the house 9/10 times. No past history or current events swayed her from choosing her at Walmart She chose her because she was "pretty" (which is also her name.)

The Current situations in today's world has brought her quite the attention when out lately. From random people, Black and White coming up to her and saying anything from "that is such a great sight to see" to "i wish this world showed unity and love like she does to that doll" etc. Her Clueless 2 year old mind usually will just reply back with "her name is pretty".

Ultimately she is holding nothing more than just a doll, who so happens to be Black. But wouldn't it be awesome if we all looked at each other "more" as Ultimately...Human.

We can learn a lot from our Children, and in this case even a doll.

The father’s touching post about coming together despite racial tension quickly garnered praise from people all over the internet. Love What Matters subsequently shared the post, and many of the site’s followers described their own similar situations with their children.

“I remember one year my son & daughter were in the same class and he had a crush on a girl in the class who was coming home to play. I asked him lots of questions of course including what she looked like,” one reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“Oh she's pretty like Emily, his sister, only she has black hair. When this cute African-American girl got off the bus with my kids I was so pleased he had not even noticed the color of her skin when describing her. We should all be like that!!!”

“I love this! My seven year old (white) daughter also has a darker skinned baby doll who is the favorite of all her many dolls. Every time I see her playing with that specific doll I think 'I hope her eyes and heart never change'. Such a precious gift to glimpse the world through the innocent eyes of a child,” another added. 

Sources: Tyler Ver Vynck/Facebook, Love What Matters/Facebook / Photo credit: Tyler Ver Vynck/Facebook

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