Parents Set Up Camera At Young Son's Gravesite, Catch Woman Stealing Items, Decorations

| by Lina Batarags

In the months after Rebecca and Robert Trollinger's young son died during surgery, they noticed that items were mysteriously disappearing from his grave site.

Rylee Mark died in February 2013, when he was just three months and 10 days old.

"He was born with a cleft lip and palate," Rebecca explained. "He went in for surgery on that and didn't make it out."

After their son's death, the grieving parents would leave decorations - holiday items, pinwheels, flags - at Rylee's gravesite.

However, last September, they noticed that some of these were items were missing. In fact, they soon counted that as many as 31 items had gone missing.

Dissatisfied with sheriff's deputies' responses that there was no evidence that the items had been stolen, the Trollingers decided to investigate the situation on their own and installed a hidden camera near the gravesite.

"We had absolutely had enough," Robert said. "We decided we had to catch somebody, somehow."

Their efforts were not futile: the camera captured footage of a woman approaching Rylee's grave during the Fourth of July weekend, and leaving with a handful of decorations.

Randy Jones of the Almanace County Sheriff's Office has identified the suspect as Clara Long Mann, who is "about 70 years old."

Investigators stopped by Mann's house, and reported that they found almost all of the items that had gone missing from Rylee's gravesite.

Jones stated that "there's no doubt in our minds that there are some more cases outstanding here."

"We just got another report in this morning, as a matter of fact, from the same cemetary," he continued.

"It's a huge sense of relief," Rebecca said, adding that it's "still pretty shocking that we were able to figure out who it was and that she so readily admitted to it and on top of that we were able to recover all of his items."

Mann has now reportedly been charged with misdemeanor larceny. She is to appear in court in August.

Rylee's parents noted that the decorations have since been returned to their son's gravesite.

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Photo Sources: The Blaze, Inquisitr