PA Water Authority Launches War On Change After Woman Pays $200 Sewer Bill With Coins

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

Pennsylvania sewage and water officials are cracking down on accepting change after a woman paid her $200 utility bill with a shoebox of coins.

The woman brought the shoebox to the Millcreek Township Municipal building, paying a small amount in cash and the bulk of the bill in coins.

Officials said it took four township employees one hour to count all the change and roll it up for deposit.

"They had never encountered a similar situation," Millcreek sewer and water executive director David Sterrett told the Erie Times-News.

That same day the water authority passed a resolution limiting how many coins they will accept as payment. Sterrett calls it the “loose coin policy.”

They will accept up to $10 in unrolled change or $20 in rolled coins. Customers who pay with rolled coins, have to write their name and telephone number on each roll.

If there are bank fees for depositing the coins, the water authority will pass the expense on to the customer.

Sources: UPI, Erie Times-News