Pennsylvania Man Has More Than 30,000 Toy Cars (Video)

| by Ray Brown

A Pennsylvania man has what might be the world's largest toy car collection, with more than 30,000 models (video below).

Andy Goodman, of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, told Jalopnik his obsession began when his wife bought him the dream car he had always wanted, a Cobra Mustang. But the car she bought for him was a little smaller than what he had been dreaming of -- it was a tiny die-cast model.

“It was funny at the moment,” Goodman recalled. “But then when you really sat there and looked at it, here was a three-dimensional, in my hand, cool, little replica of what I hoped to own, and it cost a buck! And what started as one car, turned into a shelf, turned into a bookcase, turned into a room, and now it's 30,000 pieces decorating my whole entire house.”

Since then, Goodman, who describes himself as a “hardcore car guy,” has amassed thousands of toy cars, trucks and other vehicles, neatly organized all over his home. It's a pleasurable past-time and extension of his day job as a car customizer and consultant.

“I had to find a hobby of something I want to do, not something I have to do,” Goodman explained. “I'm not a big sports guy. I'm not a big party person. But for me to come down to my hobby room and just look at the cars, organize some new ones, know what I want to buy next, that's my R and R.”

It's not clear if Goodman has the world's largest toy car collection because he has a counterpart in Lebanon, ,Billy Karam, whose collection rivals the Pennsylvania car enthusiast. In 2011, Karam was awarded the Guinness World Record for the world's largest toy car collection with 27,777 pieces, according to The Daily Star Lebanon.

Whether Goodman has more toy cars than Karam remains to be seen.

As for the Cobra Mustang dream that started the toy car collection, Goodman eventually got it. It's light blue and sits proudly in his garage, next to a few thousand smaller dream cars.

Sources: Jalopnik, The Daily Star Lebabon / Photo credit: Jalopnik/YouTube


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