Feminists Are Vocal in Condemning this “Training to be Batman’s Wife” T-Shirt

| by Lina Batarags

Feminist critics have taken up arms over a juniors’ t-shirt that reads “Training to be Batman’s Wife.”

Ever since blogger PJ Says broke the news about this shirt’s existence, critics have been claiming that the shirt is so misogynistic that it might even stop young women from achieving their dreams.

As worded in a post on Bustle, “This rag is being marketed toward youngsters who may not have had the time to develop their own kick-ass feminist views yet and therefore might assume that their fate in life is to end up making sandwiches.”

Entertainment Tonight expressed an opinion similar to Bustle’s, noting that the shirt is “disappointing, especially as it’s marketed towards young, impressionable girls.”

Blogger PJ Says compared the shirt’s message to telling young girls to “pick up Batman’s suit from the cleaner’s” and make “sandwiches for him and Robin.”

“F*** being Batman’s wife,” the blogger stated in the post. “I want to be Batman. I want to wear a skintight bat suit the color of dark justice.”

Jezebel also had an opinion on the shirt—and, similarly to many others’, it was vehemently opposed to the garment.

“I have never wanted to set a piece of clothing on fire so much in my life,” a Jezebel post said. “I can’t even BEGIN to express how wrong every aspect of this shirt it.”

As reported by the Huffington Post, the shirt is currently on sale at Walmart and sold out on Amazon.

Sources: National Review, The Huffington Post

Photo Sources: National Review, The Huffington Post