One Child Dead, Mother and Two Sons Injured, After Airport Sign Falls On Them

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A family was returning home from a vacation in Florida when a large flight information board in an Alabama airport fell on top of them, injuring three of them and killing one.

Heather Bresette was with her three sons when the 300-400 pound sign fell off the wall while they were standing beneath it.

Heather and two of her sons were injured, and are improving at hospitals. But her 10-year-old son Luke died.

She is not aware that her son has died, as she is at University Hospital in intensive care and is unconscious.

“She does not know that her baby is dead,” Rev. Don Farnan, the family’s preist, said.

Tyler, 5, suffered a concussion, and Sam, 8, suffered a broken leg and nose. Heather sustained a fractured pelvis and broken ankles.

Luke was the middle child of five children. Ryan Bresette, the father, was with another son and daughter in the airport. They were not injured.

Ryan said Luke was ecstatic about the trip, as he was always an adventurous child. During their trip, they went parasailing for the first time.

“His dad said he was thrilled. He was an adventurous kid. He loved sports,” Farnan said. 

When the sign fell, it took six people to lift it up and 12 people to hold it while first responders treated them. 

They are still investigating why the sign fell from the newly renovated airport.

The renovation cost $200 million and began in June 2011. 

“This is a terrible tragedy that none of us fully understand, and we hope that the family who lost their loved one will find strength through prayer and the support of all of us,” a statement said.

In a Facebook post, Ryan Bresette said he can not explain the pain his family is going through.

“I miss and love Luke so very much. I love you Luke!”

Farnan said the family is grateful for the support they’ve been receiving from their hometown of Birmingham, Ala. 

“Ryan is especially grateful for the amazing support of the people in Birmingham. They even started a fund for the family at a bank there,” he said.

“There are long, loving arms that stretch between Birmingham and Kansas City.”

DailyMail, Alabama