Oklahoma Man Catches Record-Breaking Alligator Gar

| by Emily Smith

An alligator gar caught in Oklahoma broke records on April 23.

“Not only is this a massive fish, but it is also a very special and unique fish,” the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation wrote on its Facebook page.

The alligator gar, caught on Lake Texoma, measured 8 feet long, about 44 inches around and weighed 254 pounds. According to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, the fish is the largest ever caught in state waters.

Though Paul Easley caught the gar, he was not allowed to keep it and so released it back into the water. It was returned to the water unharmed.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation reminded residents that catching alligator gar in the month of May is restricted in certain areas.

Sources: KFOR, News 12

Photo Credit:Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Via News 12