Note On Patrol Car Starts Shift Off Right (Photos)

| by Sheena Vasani

A note left on one Ohio police officer's car on Aug. 16 has touched the hearts of many nationwide.

"Yesterday one of our officers walked out to his cruiser to start his shift and found a blue note on his car. As he went closer to read it, it started his shift off right," writes the North Ridgeville Police Department on its Facebook page

“You are my hero. Police Rock!!” said the blue sticky note written by an unknown person.

The department was touched by the small gesture of appreciation.

"It's the little things, friends," it wrote. "Thanks."

Since then, the post has gone viral, with many commenters adding their own notes of gratitude.

"You guys are my heroes!!" wrote Julie Fischer Kisel. "Thanks for the quick response to my home at 3:00AM this morning. Easiest arrest ever for you guys. Great work!!"

Others also praised the person who wrote the note.

“It costs zero dollars to be kind," Tanya Shaffer Stillwell commented. "What a great way to say thank you!”

Some found the message particularly touching given recent police shootings.

"It may not seem all too life-changing to the rest of us, but for an officer in America where police brutality is running rampant, those six words are all they need to hear to refocus on what matters," wrote Alisha Rich for Mad World News. "The men and women who make up the police force across America are the people who keep us safe."

It's not the first letter of appreciation that has captured national attention, The Post and Courier of South Carolina published a reader's letter that had similar sentiments.

Scotty Andrews wrote a letter titled "Appreciate The Police." In it, he thanks the police officers who helped him when his car broke down, using them as an example of the many good cops protecting civilians.

"Often our police are maligned and unappreciated for the difficult job they are called to do daily to help us," Andrews wrote. "Their badges stand for not simply the alloy they are made of, but rather for what the people who wear them are made of."

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