Nowegian Mass Murderer, Anders Behring Breivik, Applies to College at Oslo University

| by Amanda Schallert

Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik recently applied to college, angering university staff.

Breivik is currently carrying out his 21-year sentence — the max sentence he could have received — for murdering 77 people, the majority of whom were adolescents, according to MSN.

The convict wants to study political science at Oslo University, Norway’s largest college, according to BBC News.

Breivik set off a bomb near Norwegian government offices in 2011. He said he carefully planned the attack to combat the “Islamisation” of his country.

Ole Petter Otterson, a professor at Oslo University, said university officials have yet to decide if they will accept Breivik’s application and admit him to the school.

Breivik has yet to complete high school, which might bar him from entering the college, among other factors.

A member of the Labour Party’s youth wing, Per Anders Torvik Langerod, said he thinks education at Oslo could benefit Breivik.

"(Oslo University) is a place where one learns that one should pursue one's opinions with words," he said. "You cannot tape over the mouths of those you disagree with, or shoot them, and that's some of what I hope will be a punishment for Breivik.”

Breivik would be allowed to use a prison laptop to complete his studies if he qualified for an educational program, a prison spokesperson said.

Sources: MSN, BBC News