News Anchor Claps Back At Wardrobe Criticism (Photos)

| by Lauren Briggs

When an anonymous viewer wrote a letter urging a Milwaukee news anchor to dress more conservatively, the journalist clapped back.

News anchor Toya Washington couldn't help herself after reading a viewer letter criticizing her wardrobe; she let loose and turned to Facebook to express her feelings.

"Let's be clear here...I'm a competitive person by nature so yes, I enjoy winning," the WISN anchor wrote on March 15 in response to the letter. "I feel confident in saying this...collectively at WISN 12 NEWS we enjoy a good win, but with the QUALITY of our product. Not with personal stunts. So isn't my style. It's beneath me."

Washington shared a photo of the original letter with her Facebook rant, which came from a family that regularly views the channel. The March 7 letter wanted to offer her an "observation" that "there's no reason to wear what appeared to be a 'camisole' to increase [her] ratings."

"Our main objective when watching the news is to get the news, not to see the amount of 'exposed skin' a female anchor is showing," added the viewer, according to Washington's photo of the letter.

The viewer suggested Washington pay attention to her female coworkers and look to emulate their styles.

"Quite possibly, you might be 'feeling your age' as an anchor, and think that 'less dress is more,'" the viewer wrote. "As I mentioned above, you have always done a very good job. Keep up the good work, and we appreciate your consideration."

This is what Washington wore on the specific day the letter references, according to the Daily Mail:

This is from the same day:

Washington said she had only bought one new dress in the past several months and that it had a higher neck than most of her other outfits. However, she said that if she was wearing a camisole, then it was likely to make sure that her clothing was modest enough.

"If 'feeling my age' is in reference to still being able to effectively slay at work and at home as a wife and mother, then yes...I feel star-spangled-banner good for 'my age,'" she wrote. "For the record and 'for my age,' I haven't been this fit and in shape since high school. Which apparently was forever ago..."

Many TV stations have very particular dress codes for what can be worn on air, especially for females, notes KCPQ. In addition to certain modesty standards, such as sleeve requirements and necklines, it's not uncommon to ban patterns and certain colors due to the way it can appear onscreen.

Washington wrote that she would be sure to remember what she wore that day so that she can wear it again soon.

"I'll continue to 'keep up the good work' regardless of your opinions," she added. "And no, I won't be changing my style."

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