Here Are The Happiest And Unhappiest Cities In America

| by Amanda Schallert

The U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research published a report of the unhappiest and happiest cities in the country last week, based on self-reported feelings from residents.

Topping the list were five cities in Louisiana, with Lafayette coming in first place. Of the top 10 happy cities, six were from Louisiana. Rochester, Minn. and Nashville, Tenn. also made the list, coming in sixth and ninth place, respectively, according to the Huffington Post.

In last place was New York City. In the lower ranks, two of the cities came from Pennsylvania and two from Indiana. Detroit, Jersey City, N.J. and St. Joseph, Mo. also made the bottom list.

The list was compiled based on residents ratings of their overall life satisfaction, which was gathered from a survey by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Researchers also took into account income, sex, age and race in the rankings results.

According to the report, some individuals are willing to trade happiness for higher incomes or less expensive housing.

Source: Huffington Post