NYT Video Shows Racism At Trump Rallies (Video)

| by Robert Fowler

The New York Times has released a video (below) culled from recordings taken from a year of covering the rallies of Republican nominee Donald Trump. The clips reveal a disturbing trend of Trump's supporters using racist and misogynistic language. The language used is graphic.

Released on Aug. 3, the video was assembled from clips taken by reporters for The New York Times and other witnesses since 2015 in Arizona, Maine, North Carolina and Ohio. The video indicates an environment where hateful language is tolerated.

The New York Times staff noted that many of the Trump supporters they encountered were polite and did not engage in such behavior, adding that the disturbing trend was that the hateful rhetoric was treated with less fanfare than peaceful protestors.

The video depicts an unsettling intolerance among some Trump supporters while the GOP nominee discusses some of his key policies.

While the crowd chants for Trump to build his proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, a man in the crowd shouts “F--- those dirty beaners!”

During one rally, a man is escorted out of the stadium for wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with “F--- Islam!”

After the event, as Trump supporters stream out of the stadium, several of them thank the man for wearing his T-shirt, taking pictures with him and giving him high-fives.

Later, when one Trump protester stated that discriminating against Muslims went against the U.S. constitutional right to freedom of religion, one Trump supporter responded “Islam is not a religion partner. It’s an ideology ... You don’t come and talk about America when you’re supporting Muslims.”

In another clip, one Trump supporter can be seen giving the Nazi salute against a protestor, adding “Sieg heil!”

Inside of an airport hangar, while Trump is blasting President Barack Obama for dividing the country, one man can be heard shouting “F--- that n-----.”

The video also shares recordings of protesters being forcefully ejected from rallies by Trump supporters, being roughly pushed out. The issue of violence at the GOP nominee’s rallies had reached a fever pitch in the spring, when several incidents of protesters being struck and pushed were documented.

Retired senior policy analyst Karl W. Bickel of the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services attributed to the violence at the rallies to Trump himself.

“Given the nature of Trump’s rhetoric, the makeup of the crowds he draws, and the media attention that has been generated ... disorderly conduct and minor assaults should be expected,” Bickel told The Daily Beast. “It is surprising that that there hasn’t been more disorder than what I have seen so far.”

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton draws some of the most intense vitriol. In the video, Trump supporters could be heard referring to the former Secretary of State as a "b----" and "tramp."

The video also shows the memorabilia being sold at Trump’s rallies, much of it deriding Clinton with sexist slurs. One T-shirt says "Trump that b----" on the front, while on the back it reads "Hillary sucks, but not like Monica."

Buttons sold at the rallies are shown to read “Life’s a B----, Don’t Vote For One,” and “KFC Hillary Special: 2 Fat Thighs, 2 Small Breasts ... Left Wing.”

Misogynistic language towards Clinton was evident during a Aug. 2 rally when a young child shouted at Trump “Take the b--- down.”

The mother of the boy defended his outburst, stating that he learned such language from Democratic schools, the Los Angeles Times reports.

At the video’s conclusion, Mike Wallace of Indiana told The New York Times that electing Trump was “the last chance we have to establish law and order and preserve the culture I grew up in.”

Warning: Graphic language.

Sources: The Daily BeastLos Angeles TimesThe New York Times / Photo credit: The New York Times / YouTube

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