New: Haunting Images Of Kurt Cobain’s Death (Photos)

| by Zara Zhi

Recently, 35 new photos from the death investigation of grunge icon Kurt Cobain were finally released by the Seattle Police Department.

In April 1994, the Nirvana frontman was found dead in his Seattle home from an alleged self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The pictures taken at the scene of Cobain’s death were not developed until now, reports CBS News.

Although his death was initially deemed a suicide, authorities are re-evaluating the investigation.

The first photo shows Cobain wearing a medical bracelet from a drug rehab center in Los Angeles on his arm.

A box of shotgun shells -- one of which was used in the suicide -- were photographed next to Cobain’s feet in the second picture.

There has been a longstanding conspiracy that the shotgun used to kill Cobain was melted down to hide evidence of an alleged murder. The third picture is a newly released image of an officer holding Cobain's shotgun, seemingly dismissing the rumor.

The fourth picture shows Cobain’s semi-crumpled suicide note left on top of a planter with a pen stuck through it.

SPD also uncovered Cobain’s cigar box heroin kit filled with syringes and other drug paraphernalia, showcased in the fifth photo.

Next to Cobain’s heroin kit was a cigarette lighter, a pack of cigarettes, a winter hat, cigarette butts, a wallet and sunglasses, as shown in the sixth image.

The seventh photo shows the SPD officers, detectives, and supervisors responsible for safeguarding the scene at Cobain’s home.

Last, but not least, an eerie picture of Cobain’s Lake Washington home and the greenhouse above the garage where the rock star’s body was discovered.

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The impact of the new photos is unclear, according to Spin. Police did not identify why they took new photos of the shotgun last year, or why they decided to make them public now.

Detective Mike Ciesnyski reviewed Cobain’s case in 2014 and says he found no new evidence signifying foul play. The cause of Cobain’s death is still considered to be suicide.

Sources: CBS News, Spin / Photo credit: Spin, Seattle Police Department via CBS News

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