New Dr. Phil Episode Portrays Abusive Mother Who Abandoned Her Boyfriend And Kids (Video)

| by Matiss Batarags

A recent episode of Dr. Phil shows Akealia, a mom of five children, and her boyfriend of 13 years, Jamie, arguing about whether she abandoned her children. Akealia walked out on her partner and kids over two years ago, but does not feel like she abandoned them. Akealia said, “I missed most of my childhood. I just wanted more. I did not want to say goodbye to my children. I couldn’t deal with the pain it was going to cause them and myself.”

Jamie claims that, “Akealia has completely abandoned her children. It is very clear she wants nothing to do with her own kids.” On the other hand, Akealia feels, “Jamie is holding my children hostage. I feel like I am still a very good mother. I would do anything for them. If my children needed me, I would be there for them.”

This argument arose after Akealia left Jamie and her five children for a man she had met at a party and had only known for two weeks. Jamie claims that she had asked him repeatedly whether there was a way that they could just leave their kids and start over.

Jamie and other friends featured in the show claim that Akealia mentally and physically abused her kids. She admits that she called them names and would say nasty things when she was enraged. She even told one of her daughters that she was sorry she was ever born.

In this episode, Dr. Phil tries to understand how Akealia can convince herself that what she did was not abandonment. In the video, Dr. Phil says, “People get divorces every day, but they don’t divorce their children. They divorce their spouses.”

Sources: Huffington Post / Photo Source: Youtube