Nevada Deputy DA's Facebook Post: Skip Mayweather Fight, Donate To Stop Domestic Violence

| by Tony Tran

A Nevada deputy district attorney’s Facebook post has gone viral after he implored those reading to donate to a charity supporting victims of domestic abuse rather than watch the highly anticipated boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.

Deputy District Attorney Jeffrey Martin posted a photo of a personal check he made out to the Community to Aid Abused Women for $100 — the cost of the pay-per-view showing for the fight.

According to his Facebook post, Martin refused to watch the boxing match due to Mayweather’s record of domestic abuse.

“I’d heard enough of Mayweather’s past history of domestic violence,” Martin wrote, “ … I wanted Pacquiao to clean his clock.”

Mayweather’s abusive past had been thrown into the spotlight as the fight began to gain momentum.

“I read where Mayweather beat one of his girlfriends in public,” Martin wrote. “I read where he beat one of his girlfriends in front of his son, so badly she reported that she thought she would die that night. Mayweather was charged with enough felonies to give him 34 years in prison. He pled them down to a misdemeanor.”

Despite wanting to see Pacquiao win the match, although Mayweather went on to win, Martin did not watch the fight.

“I just couldn’t bring myself to pay the money to watch pay-per-view,” he said. “To let him profit from my hard-earned money … All in all the American public handed Mayweather a check for over $100,000,000. Pay-per-view was $100.00 per view.”

In the end, Martin called upon the public to join him in his fight against domestic abuse.

“Just write a check to CAAW or any of your local domestic violence shelters. The amount of a pay-per-view ticket would be great, but realistically anything you could spare,” he wrote.

“We gave the abuser financial security,” he wrote. “It’s time we gave back to the victims. Any little bit you could do will help.”

The response on his Facebook post was mostly positive with one user saying: “You are awesome! It makes me so sad, that in a country with so much ‘social conscious’ we will pay a man, who assaults a women (sic), an outrageous amount of money to use is ‘skills’ in a public fight.”

Source: Jeffrey Martin on Facebook, KOLO 8

Photo Credit: Facebook

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