Murderer In Prison Demands Mecca Pilgrimage, Judge Responds With 6 Perfect Words

| by Charles Roberts

 "You're not getting out, it's life."

A Florida man went on a shooting rampage in South Dade in fear that he would lose his wife and home. Fadel Jabado, 55, went on a shooting spree because his wife asked for a divorce and he feared losing his house, according to the arrest warrant.

Authorities say Jabado is an ice cream truck driver who killed his wife and son. He shot real estate lawyer Larry Harshman, 59, because he was helping his wife sell the family estate.

Jabado was eventually shot by officers in a tense, seven hour standoff. Harshman survived the rampage, but was left fighting for his life, reports Miami Herald.

The standoff started when authorities were called into Harshman's law office after witnesses said Jabado entered and demanded to see the attorney. The two went into a conference room where Jabado shot Harshman numerous times.

Officers say the shooting was caught on film. Cops then ran to Jabado’s home, where no one answered, so they banged on the doors. When they peeked inside a back window, the officers say Bassima's lifeless body on the kitchen floor. The officers went inside and discerned Ahmad dead in the bedroom.

A GPS tracker located Jabado in a field. When the police arrived, Jabado shot at them twice with a 9 mm gun. Officers and SWAT members spent several hours negotiating with Jabado before he "opened his vehicle door and pointed his firearm at personnel from [the Special Response Team]."

Four cops discharged their weapons, shooting Jabado “multiple” times. He was then taken to a local hospital, where he recuperated.

Jabado was charged with two counts of first-degree premeditated murder and one count of premeditated attempted murder and denied bail.

“The subject was angry about [wife Bassima Jabado, 43] wanting a divorce and felt that [son Ahmad Jabado, 26, and Bassima] were going to take the house from him, leaving him homeless and without money,” Miami-Dade Police Detective Jessica Alvarez said in Jabado’s arrest warrant.

“The subject was angry at [real estate attorney Harshman] because he assisted with the residential transaction.”

Court records show Bassima Jabado filed for divorce in October 2016. Inside of Jabado's vehicle was a yellow folder containing a petition for dissolution of marriage and receipt from American Armory in Homestead for a 9 mm Highpoint semi-automatic firearm.

NBC Miami reports Jabado pleaded guilty to all the charges against him and was eventually sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole.  

"I would like for you to consider my history as a US citizen, and the sacrifices I made for my family who have in the future as a Muslim requires in our lifetime to go to Mecca Pilgrimage," Jabado begged.

But Judge Stephen Millan told him, "You're not getting out, it's life."

Sources: NBC MiamiMiami Herald / Photo credit: Miami Herald

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