Mom Calls Out School Officials After Daughter's Outfit Deemed 'Inappropriate (Photos)

| by Brendan Kelly

When a mother was called into school because her daughter’s outfit was “not school appropriate” she didn’t know what to expect. When she arrived, the outfit was not quite what she had in mind.

On Jan. 6, Amanda Best Barbier posted on Facebook about her experience with the staff at her daughter’s high school. According to the mother, her daughter was told that her outfit was not appropriate for school. She was wearing knee-high boots over leggings, with a long shirt and a cardigan sweater over top.

In her post, Barbier said that she asked the principal and assistant principal to measure the length of her shirt and they both refused. They instead said that the girl's outfit was not appropriate when she was walking.

“She came home and I asked her how it happened," Barbier wrote in the comments section of her Facebook post. "She said she had to go to the counselor. The counselor did not see anything wrong with the way she was dressed. So she sent her to the assistant principal. No one NEVER measured her to see if it was too short. Even though we did! So basically he lied to me!”

Barbier noted that the assistant principal upset her daughter to the point of tears, adding that her daughter “never misses school" and "makes great grades.”

The school dress code says that a top has to be four inches above the knee if a student is wearing leggings, according to Barbier. The mother said the top was measured before she purchased it for her daughter.

Read Barbier’s full Facebook post below:

I just had to go to my daughter's high school (JB Pennington) because they said her clothes was not school appropriate. I ask while speaking to both principal and assistant principal to measure this while I was standing in the room with them and they both REFUSED! They said it's not school appropriate when she is WALKING! I've never heard that before. I also asked the assistant principal to apologize to my daughter for upsetting her (She is a good kid and yes she cried) but he refused again! He said he wasn't apologizing for doing his job! To me this just shows his character. Everyone please share and comment your thoughts. Whatever you want to say it's an open floor. I made this post public so I'm asking all of my friends please share!

In a similar incident in August 2015, a Kentucky high school student was sent home because school officials said her top was exposing her collarbone, IJ Review reports.

Sources: Independent Journal, Amanda Best Barbier/Facebook / Photo Credit: Amanda Best Barbier/Facebook