Here Is What Local Authorities Found On The Side Of The Road

| by Amanda Schallert

A Michigan teenager who is thought to be the mother of a newborn baby abandoned Monday morning watched from closeby as others came and rescued her baby from the side of the road, according to locals.

Kathleen Neal, a Newaygo County resident, said she saw the teenage girl that morning by her dog in her yard, but the girl was staring at people across the street taking care of the baby, according to

The neighbors approached the teenager and asked her if she had any information about the newborn baby, but she acted as though she knew nothing.

"She acted like she was totally clueless, like she didn’t know what happened. She said she saw a car drive by at 5:30 a.m.," Neal said. "She also said that if it was hers, she would never do something like that and how could anybody do something like that to a baby."

According to the Newaygo County sheriff Lt. Chad Palmiter, the child may have been outside on the road for six hours, but she was in ok condition after being transported to a nearby hospital.

Neal said that initially, rescuers were worried that the baby had not survived being abandoned because it was cold and not crying when first discovered. Rescuers said they found the baby after their black labrador mix dog led them to her, where she lay underneath a satellite dish by the road. The baby's umbilical cord was still attached.

"She didn’t move, she didn’t cry or nothing until we got her completely wrapped in a towel and cuddled her," she said. "After a while she calmed down and we kept checking on her. We were trying to keep her warm because she was cold."

Currently, the mother has not been publicly identified and no charges have been filed. Neal said that she did not know whether the teen who watched the incident had been pregnant.

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