Grieving Elderly Man's Loving Gesture Goes Viral

| by Sheena Vasani

It's a love story that transcends even death.

Even though his wife of sixty-five years passed away over two years ago, Jake Reissig's passion for her burns as brightly as ever.

Everyday the elderly man makes sure to leave flowers at Liz's grave in the Texan Garden Park Cemetery, making sure to water the grass surrounding her headstone to keep it green and healthy just for his beloved, reports.

One day his usual routine was interrupted, however, when he saw a woman nearby cry over her brother, Joseph Anthony Villasenor, a fallen soldier who had served for sixteen years.

Temporarily pushing away his own grief, Jake turned towards the sobbing woman and spent his time instead comforting her.

In the time he spent listening to her speak, it's as if Jake began getting to know Joseph himself.

He learned the man loved softball and was on his way to play for the Charleston Air Force Base softball league when he was killed in a car accident on Aug. 9, 2010. Joseph was only thirty-six-years-old.

Moved by the sister's tears and story, he resolved to try to do something to honor the fallen soldier's sacrifices and memory.

Now everyday, Jake not only his waters his own wife's grave, but Joseph's as well.

Yet he kept it a secret so that, the next time Joseph's parents -- Rachel and Raymond -- visited their son's grave, they thought an angel must have been keeping watch over the man's headstone.

It was only when they later spotted Jake in the act did they realize what he was doing. Completely taken aback, they hugged him.

"It was just incredible to know that a stranger would take that much time and care for our son who he didn't even know," said Rachel.

When Jake's son, Roger, learned about what had happened, he knew he had to share it with others on Facebook. The story went viral, touching thousands of hearts.

"I think this needs to be on the nightly news," wrote one user. "We need to hear more stories like this."

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