Mom Reveals Miscarriage To Kids On Video (Video)

| by Sheena Vasani

Instead of suffering in silence, one mother decided to share the news of her miscarriage with the rest of the world (video below).

The Sanders family often upload videos of happy moments they have with their children, reports.

This time, they wanted to post something more real: the moment they broke bad news to their children.

"We wanted to share this with you guys because life is not always perfect and perfectly happy. There are hard times that come in life but we do it as a family... and it's better as a family," the mother says.

"We're doing these blogs and sharing our life with you guys because we think that even though we're not perfect, family can be amazing," she adds.

The video begins with a clip of the parents telling their kids they were going to have a new sibling.

"You're pregnant!?" the little boy screams and the whole family bursts into excited laughter, while both the son and his sister jump for joy.

A moment later, far more somber footage is shown where the mother, holding back tears, reveals news of the miscarriage to the children.

"If you guys feel sad about it, you can just let us know," the mother says to her red-eyed children. "We can talk about it and we can cuddle."

Together, the family openly grieves over the loss.

"We want to make sure the kids process the grief and we want to walk through this WITH them," the family explained in a separate YouTube comment.

After her daughter says she's sad, the mother says she is, too.

"I'm just sad because I really wanted to take care of the baby," she says. "I really wanted to hug the baby and take care of the baby. I didn't want the baby to go straight to heaven, you know. I wanted to care of it."

Many responded to the family with love and sympathy.

"Completely love how you explained such a tragic time in your life with your children and explained everything to them and [that it's] ok to feel upset and sad," wrote one user. "Such an incredible family moment. I am so sorry for your loss, rest in peace you beautiful little angel."

Sources: LittleThings.comIt's The Sanders/YouTube / Photo credit: It's The Sanders/YouTube

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