Single Mother-Of-Six Collects Nearly $30,000 In Benefits

| by Jonathan Constante

A U.K. mother said she would rather remain unemployed and collect benefits than get a job because work would take her away from her children.

Sue, 49, of Walsall, has six children and has been married five times, the Daily Mail reported. Her two youngest children, 12-year-old Jade and 11-year-old Romeo, currently live with her.

The mother-of-six has reportedly been unemployed for the last decade. She receives nearly $2,500 a month in benefits, including rent for her three-bedroom home.

Sue said it makes sense for her to live this way instead of getting a full-time job because it allows her to care for her children.

"If I could find a job that would pay the money and still live quite comfortably then I would be happy to do that," Sue told Channel 5's On Benefits, according to the Daily Mail. "But the thing is you still have to be there emotionally for the kids. Who is going to look after them?

"At the end of the day, I would have to pay for someone to be with them straight from school and pay for clubs.

"So when you weigh everything up you are better off being there for the children yourself."

Sue’s hobbies include tarot card reading. She believes she has the power to predict the future. She also believes those same powers helped her secure a new home closer to Romeo’s father.

"Because I am clairvoyant and I believe in life after death and the spirit world, I put out into the universe that I wanted to move so they are putting things in action," Sue said. "I believe in the law of attraction as all clairvoyants would.

"The law of attraction is that what you put out, will happen."

“As soon as I put the ad in, in less than two weeks I got someone texting me back saying, 'Hey, would you be interested in my three-bed flat,’ so that is how it works,” Sue explained.

Sue said she believes her psychic powers have served her better in life than any education ever could. She even reportedly tells her children not to worry about their schoolwork.

“All that stuff you learn at school you don't need it when you leave school,” Sue said. “I haven't done a fraction since I left school and I can use my phone to add things up.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun / Photo Credit: Channel 5 via The Sun

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