Mom Disgusted After Finding Mold In Daughter's Juice Box (Video)

| by Emily Smith

An Illinois mother is taking to social media to send a warning to other parents after discovering mold in her daughter's juice drink.

Nicole Kindhart often bought good2grow brand preservative-free juice for her 2-year-old daughter, but a recent experience has turned her off the product, reported WQAD.

“I opened the juice and looked in there and I’m like 'What is this?' stuck my finger in there and pulled it out and there was gooey stuff all over,” Kindhart said. “It’s kind of the worst feeling you could feel as a parent that I failed my daughter by ever giving her this juice.”

Kindhart noted that her daughter has been sick in the past and she blames the drink.

“There was a time when she had a high fever 104-105 for a week straight, excruciating stomach pains, diarrhea, vomiting,” Kindhart said.

On good2grow’s Facebook page, reported News 2, hundreds of comments have begun spreading from angry parents who claim they found the same kind of mold in their kids’ drinks. Though in a statement the company noted that the case is rare and under investigation, Kindhart wants the product off the shelves in every store entirely.

Kindhart noted that she won’t buy the drink again, even if the company were to add preservatives to eliminate mold growth. 

Sources: WQAD, News 2 

Photo Credit: WAQD