Model Gets 'Sh*t Happens' Tattooed On Her By Drunken Friend, Regrets It Immediately (Photo)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

It turns out TV court shows are just as ridiculous overseas as they are in the states.

Judge Rinder, the U.K.’s TV court personality equivalent of Judge Judy, awarded a woman almost $1,400 recently for a horrible homemade tattoo she had done during a night of partying. The tattoo, which looks like it was done by a drunk second grader, reads “Sh*t Happens.”

“It’s shocking,” Judge Rinder said. “It wasn’t just dumb or super dumb, it wasn’t even stupid, you could’ve ended up dead.”

The tattoo “artist”, if you can call him that, was drunk himself when he inked Becky Ford.

“I’d been drinking all day,” the man, Max McCallum, said. “I’m sorry it happened. I got rid of all the equipment.”

Here’s a picture of the botched tattoo:

Becky Ford

When it was all said and done, Rinder ordered McCallum to pay Ford $1,400 so she could get the tattoo removed. Ford hopes to get back into the modeling industry once the tattoo is gone. Work has been slow for her since she got inked because, surprise, no one wants a model with the words “sh*t happens” sloppily tattooed on their rear. 

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