Missing Skier Robert Walker Found Dead After Psychics Give Clues to His Whereabouts

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A skier who went missing on March 7 in the Aspen Highlands was found shot dead in a Grey Area of the mountains.

Robert Jefferson Walker, called Jeff for short, went for a hike in the mountains on March 7. But after he failed to return, his family reported him missing on March 9.

Authorities began searching for him but had no clue where he was. His brother, Buzz, raised $18,000 to help the search.

As his family did not know what else to do to help, his girlfriend Liz Sathe decided to consult three different psychics in hopes of gathering clues as to where he might be.

She told the mountain rescue team what the psychics had revealed to her about the type of terrain Walker was in when he went missing.

On Tuesday, the day before his body was found, Sathe said, “They [the psychics] all feel strongly that this is a critical day because Jeff can’t scream anymore.”

The next day, they found his body next to a gun. Authorities do not expect foul play but are investigating it.

His Facebook page has since been flooded with people saying their goodbyes.

“You went way too soon but man did you leave a lasting impression on all who knew you. I know you have found peace,” Gerald Theron said.

“You will be sorely missed and your life will be celebrated by all who loved you,” Tara Marolda said.

Janis Rubenson Skinner said, “My prayers go out to Jeff’s family and to everyone in the Aspen community who never gave up. He was part of an amazing Aspen family.”

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