78-Year-Old Woman Trapped In Quicksand For 14 Hours

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

A missing 78-year-old woman was found alive in Arches National Park in Utah after she was trapped in quicksand for 14 hours.

The woman, who was not identified, failed to show up at an event at a nearby library on July 9 and she was reported missing.

Deputies searched a bike path at Courthouse Wash, where she was known to take walks.

Investigators found her car in the parking lot and then heard her calling out for help.

She was buried up to her knees in quicksand for about 14 hours.

An Arches employee, Sharon Brussell, said four people helped to dig her out. It was a struggle as quicksand kept filling back in.

The woman was “extremely grateful” to her rescuers, who carried her up to her car, Brussell said.

Brussell noted it is very rare for hikers to get stuck in quicksand, but it happened when sandy areas become saturated with water.

Sources: Fox News, Daily Mail

Image Credit: Daniel Mayer