Minneapolis Bar Under Fire For 'Racist' Dress Code

| by Dominic Kelly

A bar in Minneapolis is coming under fire for what some say is a racist policy.

Bar Louie recently posted a sign outside of their establishment listing the particulars of a strict dress code that they want their patrons to adhere to, and when local resident Michelle Horovitz noticed the sign, she became outraged.

"It's the new Jim Crow being enforced in a colorblind way," Horovitz told Fox 9 News.

The sign lists a number of conditions that would prohibit someone from entering the bar, including wearing flat bill hats, sleeveless undershirts, excessively baggy clothing, large chains worn outside the shirt, long plain white t-shirts, athletic apparel and sports jerseys.

"What is 'excessively baggy’?" asked Horovitz. "Who's going to judge that? Are you going to have Grandma B sitting by the door saying, 'That's too baggy?’ You might as well say, 'No black folks allowed.’ It’s ridiculous.”

Other locals like Sean Tierney say it’s “totally racial profiling,” and Imani Vincent says that if they want to turn away black people, they should just come out and say it.

"If you do not want African Americans to frequent your establishment, then maybe you should just say that and not just break it down to the dress code," Vincent said. “Hurt 'em in the pockets. That's where it would hurt them the most. If they don't want us there, then we don't have to be there - and that's their loss.”

Horovitz says that the issue is unfortunately not uncommon in the area, and although this sign is a sad example of a growing problem, she hopes that maybe it will be a catalyst for actual change.

“Minnesota might be the nicest, healthiest, cleanest state in America, but we have huge issues as far as segregation, racism, systematic oppression - and people want to look the other way,” Horovitz said. “This is not okay, and we're not going to patronize you if you don't change your policy."

So far, Bar Louie has not made any public comment regarding the dress code, but Fox 9 News reports that a manager said that orders came directly from corporate.

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