Mexico is Now the Most Obese Country in the World

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America no longer has to be embarrassed for being the most obese country in the world, as Mexico has taken the title away from us. 

A report released by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization states that our neighbor to the south as a 32.8 percent adult obesity rate. The United States' obesity rate is 31.8 percent.

The ranking isn't entirely correct, because many Pacific island nations have much higher obesity rates. 

The adult obesity rate is almost 60 percent in Tonga, and it is 64 percent for the Cook Islands.

The most obese nation is Nauru, which has an rate of 71 percent.

But eliminating those small nations leaves Mexico at the top, and America in second. 

The Global Post reported that the reason for the high obesity rate in Mexico is a combination of bad diet and poverty. They said the high cost of fresh and low-fat foods has caused the nation to consume a "Vitamin T" diet, which includes tacos, tamales and tostadas. 

As for the United States, the most obese state is Mississippi, with a rate of nearly 35 percent.

But the University of Alabama has argued the rankings, as they said the study relied on self-reporting about weight. In a study done by the school, they found that nearly everyone lies about their weight.

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