Rescue Service Saws Bike Lock Off Man's Neck (Photos)

| by Sean Kelly

A man who spent the night out drinking woke up with a surprise — he had a bike lock around his neck.

The unidentified man from England reportedly had a long night of drinking and woke to find that his friends had pranked him by putting a bike lock around his neck.

However, the man's friends had lost the keys, so the young man's mother took him to the West Midlands Fire Service to get the lock removed. It wasn't quite as easy as expected, though.

“We tried a cutter, but it just marked the lock. Then we tried a reinforced bar cutter, but it just dented it,” Commander Pete Drummond told the BBC.

Eventually, a rescue service was called and a circular saw was used to take the lock off, reports Fox 8.

Sources: Mandatory, Fox 8

Photo Credit: West Midlands Fire Service/Facebook