Man Stands Up to Police, Won't Allow Search of Home Without Warrant (Video)

| by Michael Allen

An African-American man recently filmed two police officers trying to enter his home at night, but refused them entry without a warrant.

According to, Avel Amarel posted a video (below) of his encounter with police on Facebook last week. The video also made it to YouTube where it is going viral.

The police try to convince Amarel to stop filming in the beginning of the video, but he continues to record them on his cell phone. notes Amarel lives an apartment, but doesn't say where.

The police ask Amarel several times if he is keeping a "wanted felon" in his home, which he denies.

Amarel requests the officers' I.D., but they refuse to provide any and mock him for asking. When the police ask Amarel for his I.D. he refuses.

Amarel repeatedly tells the cops that they need a search warrant to enter his home or state why they suspect him of "committing a crime."

The officers ask Amarel to explain why other unnamed people supposedly told them that the fugitive was in his home.

After Amarel says, "Get a warrant" several times, the officers finally give up and walk away.