What Is The New Facebook Challenge That 'Only Real Men Can Do'? (Video)

| by Emily Smith

Noticing the number of challenges that have circulated the Internet recently, Kendell J. Smith decided to create one that “only real men can do.”

In Smith’s viral video, he challenges every man to be a father.

“I don’t really do Facebook videos or anything like that, but I guess since everyone else is doing a challenge, I figured I should do one too,” Smith says in his video. “So, this is my challenge… to anyone who wants to accept it—see if you can do this.”

Smith then stands and picks up his baby boy.

“Be a father. Take care of your kids,” Smith says. “Be there in their lives and mean something to them.”

Smith then kisses his little boy, who smiles.

Many fathers have taken the challenge and posted videos or pictures of themselves with their children.

Smith’s video has been shared over 50,000 times.

Sources: The Blaze, News Talk