Man Hit and Killed by Truck; Exactly One Year Later, Wife Killed While Placing Flowers At Same Spot

| by Lina Batarags

A young Chinese woman was killed as she was laying flowers down on the stretch of road where, exactly one year earlier, her husband had died.

Yang Shao, 27, had married his childhood sweetheart Li one year before he was killed in the city of Wuhu, in central China’s Anhui province.

Shao had stopped his bike to talk to a neighbor when he was struck by a truck and killed.

Li, 25, was devastated by the loss.

Her brother, 29-year-old Gang Mao, said that she was “depressed for at least six months.”

Metro reports that she had just recently started to rebuild her life. Tragically, however, when she decided to place flowers at the site at which her husband had died, she was hit by a car and killed.

Gang Mao noted that “a week ago her nephew was killed and it seems to have shaken her out of her depression. She realized that everybody dies and while we’re here we have a duty to make the most of life—and she was preparing for a new start.”

Li had stopped at the spot while travelling to a relative’s house to discuss funeral plans for the nephew.

Sources: Metro, Georgia News Day

Photo Sources: Metro