Man Claims His Body Gives Off ‘Magnetic Force’ That Allows Him To Stick Any Object To His Body

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Five years ago, one man discovered a special “talent” that allows him to stick almost any object to his face and body.

Muhibija Buljubasic says he doesn’t prepare or train his body in any way to pull off the remarkable feat. His body simply radiates a “special energy” that allow items to attach to his skin.

He first experimented with metal objects, such as forks and spoons, and stuck them to his face and the rest of his body. He then realized this “magnetic force” could also be applied to plastic and other objects.

Buljubasic is able to stick mobile phones, remote controls and china plates to his body as well.

Having no other explanation for his ability, the 56-year-old from Bosnia says it’s a question of mind over matter.