This Man Thinks He Captured Big Foot on Camera – Decide for Yourself

| by Lina Batarags

A man who was riding his long board in Lake Tahoe, Calif. is the latest to join the ranks of those claiming to have seen the mythical Bigfoot.

Below is video footage of the shadowy figure he saw as he boarded past the wooded area.

From those who don’t believe in Bigfoot, a multitude of other explanations for the figure have surfaced, ranging from a tree and a bear to an optical illusion and a shadow.

The possibility of the figure’s presence being a hoax has also not been discounted.

The video was posted to You Tube by a user called “Couch Potato”; it was later sent into Cryptozoology News, a website that documents the paranormal.

“The dark area in the bush was something that we noticed,” said the owner of the You Tube channel The Paranormal Review.

“Couch Potato didn’t say anything about it when he contacted us. I don’t know if it is the supposed creature or not,” the owner continued. “Who knows if it is legitimate or now.”

The owner of The Paranormal Review noted that the man who shot the video claimed to have shot it with a GoPro, “so it would be pretty wide angle and I can understand him not seeing the thing that is there until looking later.”

Of the possibility that the video is a hoax, the owner said that “most hoax videos we have seen in the past…they are looking at this creature for like 20 seconds and they are just standing there ‘what is this, what is this.’”

“In this case,” he continued, “they are not trying to draw attention to it, it’s just standing there for a brief second…so that makes me believe that is not a hoax.”

The owner also said that the figure doesn’t look like a bear to him; watch the video below and decide for yourself what the shape most closely resembles.

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Photo Sources: The Blaze, Fishgame, PeterGreenberg