Man Charged With Burning, Stabbing 10-Year-Old Boy In Front Of Parents

| by Michael Doherty

A Washington, D.C. man faces a possible 555 year prison sentence for reportedly murdering and torturing a 10-year-old boy in front of his parents. He then murdered them and the family's housekeeper, as well.

Daily Mail has reported the grisly details of the murders of Savvas and Amy Savopoulos, their son Philip, and housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa. Darron Wint was originally only charged with the murder of Savvas, but now faces more charges including kidnapping, arson, extortion, and theft. Wint reportedly beat the victims with a baseball bat before stabbing them with a samurai sword. The kidnapping and murders reportedly occurred on May 13.

Wint allegedly entered the Savopoulos' home in Washington and took them captive, attempting to extort the family for $40,000. Wint is accused of then stabbing and burning young Philip in front of his parents before then killing them, as well. Investigators believe that a samurai sword from Savvas' martial arts collection and a baseball bat may have been used in the murders.

On Feb. 17, Wint was indicted on 20 felony charges, including multiple first-degree murder charges.

The victims' bodies were found after Wint got the $40,000 from Savvas' assistant, and the house had been set on fire. Their bodies showed signs of blunt force trauma, and the young boy was discovered burned beyond recognition. Wint was named as the suspect when his DNA was found on a pizza crust in the bedroom of the Savopoulos' home.

CNN reports that Wint is set to be arraigned on Feb. 19. The D.C. grand jury said that the murders were "especially heinous, atrocious, or cruel."

"Each of the murder charges carries a mandatory minimum prison term of 30 years," read a statement from the D.C. Justice Department's office, referring to the sentences that Wint faces for the crimes. "Additionally, each of the kidnapping counts involving the three adult victims carries a maximum sentence of 30 years; the kidnapping count involving Philip Savopoulos carries up to 45 years."

Overall, Wint faces up to 555 years in prison.

Source: Daily Mail, CNN / Photo Credit: Facebook via Daily Mail.

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