Man Catches Rare Bobcat (Photos)

| by Sheena Vasani

One Canadian man's unusual Christmas surprise ended up making history.

Trapper Oswald McFadden found a dead bobcat in a trapline he runs near his home in New Brunswick. But it was not just any kind of bobcat, CBC reports. 

This cat was a black melanistic one, a rare find among the predominantly brown bobcat species.

"This was here basically in my own backyard where I live and grew up," remarked a stunned McFadden. 

"I've been in these woods all my life and never seen anything like this," he added.

So rare of a find such an animal is, experts explain only 10 sightings have ever been recorded, making this the 12th one.

What's more, most of them except one -- which was spotted in Canada over three decades ago --  were all found farther south, in Florida.

"I thought it was a house cat," recalls McFadden. "When I saw the tail I knew it wasn't a house cat. Then I looked at the ears, I knew it was definitely a bobcat." 

Later, McFadden posted photos of the bobcat on social media and was even more stunned to see the images go viral.

"It's weird the way the internet works," said McFadden.

"The only way it could have been better is if my two daughters would have been with me," he added. "They usually are -- but it was Christmas -- so I guess I can't blame them for that."  

McFadden is still not certain what he will do the bobcat. He may sell it, donate it to a museum, or mount it in his own home.

McFadden's not the only one to make an unusual animal discovery during the holidays.

One woman in Australia faced nearly losing her life because of an unexpected animal in her house, CNN reports.

The woman, known only as Cheryl, says she found a tiger snake wrapped around her Christmas tree, like tinsel.

"The snake is among the most dangerous of Australia," said professional snake catcher Barry Goldsmith, who was called to her home. 

Sources: CBC, CNN / Photo credit: Charles LeBlanc via CBC, Snake Catcher Victoria Australia/Facebook

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