Man Catches Incredible 482-Pound Fish (Photos)

| by Dominic Kelly

A 76-year-old California man was on a fishing trip in Alaska when he reeled in what he calls the “catch of a lifetime.”

Jack McGuire says he was fishing with some friends when he got in a 40-minute-long battle with a fish that he knew was bigger than average.

“The moment I set the hook I hollered, ‘I got a big one!’” McGuire said. “We get in the back of the boat and we get in this battle.”

Finally, after McGuire began to pull the fish in, Captain Rye Phillips got the very first view.

“All of a sudden he [Phillips] said, ‘Oh my god. This is a monster,’” said McGuire. “And this is a captain who has seen a lot of fish.”

After shooting and harpooning the fish, McGuire quickly realized that he caught one of the biggest fishes in history. When the fish landed, it weighed 482 pounds and was 95 inches long. The fish can’t be considered a world record, however, because the crew decided to shoot and harpoon it, and that goes against regulations.

“I wasn’t planning to catch a world record,” said McGuire.

The largest recorded fish caught in the area was reportedly 495 pounds, and that, too, didn’t meet the regulations to make it a world record.

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