Man Breaks Into Woman's Apartment, Asks Her to Cook For Him

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One Orange County, Calif. man broke into two apartments on Monday, but stayed at one and requested that the woman living there cook him some food.

Police in Santa Ana are now searching for the man, who was described as a 40-year-old African American male.

In the morning, the man broke into a woman’s apartment by opening her unlocked door. He stole $100 from her purse before her son scared him off.

Not learning his lesson, he returned a few hours later to the same complex. He broke through the window of another woman’s apartment.

“She saw a man coming down from upstairs,” a police officer said. “And thought it was maybe her husband. Then she realized it wasn’t so she ran for the front door.”

Inside the apartment, the man got high off methamphetamines and stayed there for two to three hours. Then, he asked her to cook him food.

“Her thought process was, ‘If I do what this guy is telling me to do, I might get out of this,’” public information officer Anthony Bertagna said.

She started cooking, and the man started snapping pictures of her. He told her she was gorgeous and tried convincing her to go into the bedroom with him and take a shower.

The woman was disturbed by the man and eventually persuaded him to leave.

“At one point he just gets up and steals the son’s bike and flees the scene,” Bertagna said.

Authorities say the perpetrator is 5’5” and 160-170 lbs with graying black hair. At the time of the incident, he was wearing a black snow jacket over a black hooded sweatshirt.

“We believe he might be a transient, or a homeless person,” Bertagna said, “so we want people (in the surrounding area) to be aware and on the lookout. We also wanted people in the neighborhood to lock their doors because this guy is pretty brazen.”