Man Allegedly Brought His Dead Mother To The Bank So He Could Withdraw Her Money

| by Lisa Fogarty

A man from Plymouth, Minnesota, is under investigation by police for allegedly bringing his dead mother to a bank so that he could make a withdrawal from her account.

David Vanzo was arrested for elderly neglect after police found his 90-year-old mother, Caryl Vanzo, dead in a home that they say was overwhelmed by the “stench of urine and feces,” reports WGN. The mother was reportedly found dead in her bed, wearing a robe and fur coat, with boots covered in feces.

Police say they believe Vanzo took his deceased mother to the bank that same day and withdrew $850 from her account while dragging her body in a wheelchair.

Bank employees told police the woman was not moving and that they couldn’t tell whether she was breathing. One of Vanzo’s neighbors says she also noticed the two getting into a taxi to go to the bank and that it appeared as if the mother was not alive.

Vanzo denies any wrongdoing and says he and his mother had an agreement and that he took care of her, reports Fox 9 in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Vanzo has previously been under investigation for financial exploitation, which included an incident involving a $118,000 reverse mortgage that his mother was unable to explain, as well as cash withdrawals of $47,500 and $25,600.

Vanzo claims the money came from a joint account he shared with his mother.

“I love my mother very much,” Vanzo said. “I gave my life to keep my mother alive. Look at my eyes.”

Sources: WGN, Fox 9 News in Minneapolis-St. Paul/Photo Credit: Fox 9 News in Minneapolis-St. Paul