Flight MH17: Passenger Posts Video To Instagram Before Take-Off (Video)

| by Will Hagle

The crash of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 has such a wide scope of international political implications that the event has largely been overlooked as a tragedy that led to the deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians. Of course, the situation does carry enormous political weight in an already unstable region, as the U.S. and Ukrainian governments have placed the blame on Russian separatists in the region for firing the missile that likely led to the aircraft’s crash. 

According to The Inquistr, video footage captured during the pre-flight boarding process has emerged online. The video was posted to Instagram, reportedly by a Malaysian passenger named Md Ali Md Salam. 

The video depicts passengers sitting in their seats and loading luggage into the overhead compartments as the pilot says “At the moment, we are in the final stages of boarding and cargo loading. Once again, please ensure all your phones are off for the flight to...” The 14-second video then cuts off. 

The accompanying caption on Instagram reads “Bismillah.. #hatiadasikitgentar,” which according to the New York Post translates to “In the name of God... feeling a little bit nervous.” 

The 30-year-old passenger who posted the video was reportedly a psychology PhD student in Rotterdam. His video was posted publicly on Twitter by one of his friends, and has since been uploaded to YouTube. 

The investigation into the downing of the plane is ongoing, although President Obama claimed in his speech Friday that the U.S. believes it was shot down by surface-to-air missiles in an area controlled by Russian separatists.

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