This Traffic Stop Didn't Go According To Plan

| by Amanda Schallert

A man’s life was saved in a recent traffic stop in Maine, after an officer found him slumped over in his car with no pulse.

Gavin Falconer, 84, was speeding in a car with his wife when Kennebunk police officer Matthew Harrington pulled them over and asked for his license and registration, according to

After that, Falconer said he does not much remember much because he reportedly stopped breathing and leaned over in his chair.

Luckily, a police officer was there to perform CPR and he’p transport him to a hospital.

"You know, we always say there's no such thing as a routine traffic stop, but, obviously, day after day, you stop cars. They do become fairly routine, so when you're thinking you're just going to give a guy a warning and – next thing you know – you're doing chest compression in the middle of rush-hour traffic. It's a little overwhelming," Harrington said.

Falconer said that he was extremely grateful to the officer.

"(The officer) came running back and saw me there,” Falconer said. “He yanked me out of the car, ripped my beautiful pink shirt – but that's all right, it was old anyway – and I guess I was gone. No pulse. Nothing. And he started giving me CPR.”

"I've been lucky all my life," he added.

When Falconer woke up in the hospital, he said his wife joked with him about the incident.

"She says, 'You got a ticket.' I (say), 'No.' She said, ''Yeah. Yeah. It was a warning.' I said, 'Oh, that's all right. I can live with that,'" he said.

Harrington and Falconer haven’t seen each other since the incident, but Falconer said he is looking forward to it.

"The first thing I want to say to him is:  'Thank you,'" Falconer said.

Source:, Image Credit: WMTV8