Couple Suctioned Together During Sex In The Ocean

| by Jonathan Wolfe

A frisky Italian couple found themselves in an incredibly embarrassing situation recently following a lovemaking session in the waters of Porto San Giorgio.

As the couple finished their amorous time, the man found himself unable to “disengage” from the woman. The water had created suction between them, leaving them linked together against their will.

The couple stayed in the water until they were able to flag down a woman at the beach who brought them a towel. Then, still stuck together, the couple waddled onto the beach and called a medic.

The lovers were promptly taken to a hospital and were only able to separate after a doctor dilated the woman’s uterus.

There are plenty of appropriate words to describe this situation, not the least of which is “impressive.”

Source: The Local, Gawker

Photo credit: Crazy Frankenstein,